Selecting buy-to-let property wisely – Picking out a buy-to-let property that you can let quickly and get the best return on is essential, whether you are a portfolio landlord looking to expand your portfolio or someone moving into buy-to-let for the first time.

And to get this right, you need to do your research. So here are a few tips:

Type of property – Assess what type and size of property is currently in demand. When doing this, you’ll need to consider what type of tenant you are looking to attract. Obviously student accommodation will vary considerably from a family home. And both will be different from the sort of place that might appeal to a young professional.

Location – The location will also affect what type of property you purchase. Figure out who mainly lives in the area you’re aiming to buy in and tailor your property to those demands. Speaking to your local agent will give you a better idea of what properties are suitable for certain markets.


Local amenities are also important. Family tenants will probably require nearby schools, while young professionals may need good public transport links. Likewise, students will probably not mind living above a shop on a busy high street, but older couples might.


Brokers – In addition to speaking to an agent, chatting to a mortgage broker about financing options is an essential part of moving into buy-to-let. A broker will be able to give you a good overview of the current buy-to-let mortgage market, assess what products are suitable and available for you and help you get insurance policies for your investment in place.


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