Deposit Protection Service

Renting can be expensive enough without factoring in the damage done when you don’t get your deposit back. Now it appears that it’s not just the abuse of property that’s stopping renters getting their deposits back, but a simple (and costly) failure to claim them. The latest worrying news I’ve seen from the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) suggests the British public have failed to come forward and claim £2 million worth of tenant deposits in the past year –a very nice little nest egg for anyone planning their new year sales shopping. And those from London should pay particular attention as the DPS reported the capital’s renters left  729 separate deposits, or 15.9 per cent of all deposits lodged with the service, unclaimed last year. The Government accredited service, which protects and holds nearly 670,000 UK deposits, also reports that renters in Greater Manchester are missing out on substantial cash, with 350 separate deposits – that’s  7.6 per cent of all deposits lodged with the DPS – going unclaimed last year.


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