Do you REALLY want ot sell you home???

2. Kids – This really is an old fashioned case of ‘out of sight out of mind’ I’m afraid. Possibly ‘seen and not heard’ but that could mean that silencing the chatter = TV on full blast or your teenage son lying prostrate on his bed listening to his IPod and dominating ‘his’ room. Much like pets, some people will love your kids and some will ‘dislike’ them. Don’t let the Kids take ownership of your property, let the buyers see what a calm and peaceful, family household you run with masses of room for all those (tidy) toys and, oh joy, what wonderfully neat bedrooms! Arrange where possible for someone else to look after them for an hour or, if they are old enough, send them off to the cinema.

3. Clean – I’ve lost count of the number of properties I’ve viewed where last night’s takeaway cartons are poking out of the bin, the washing up is piled high next to the sink and the shower door needs wrenching open because of lovely limescale! Buyers expect to see an immaculate home with no signs of dirt, dust or hair.If you want people to actually buy your property and not just view, clean up your gunk and please…. No dirty underwear strewn across the bedroom floor! Other peoples grime is just that, your dust particles are your skin-flakes. Buyers need to imagine themselves living in ‘your’ space, your perfectly clean home (much fresher and nicer than the one they’ve just come from) not rushing for the yellow pages to look up cleaning and fumigation companies! If you don’t think you can manage a full spring clean/deep clean, now is the time to treat yourself to a little domestic help.


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