Our latest property renovation!

We recently completed a renovation on a house down Audley Road and have converted it into 3 beautiful flats! Take a look at some of these before and after pictures – the transformation is amazing and we couldn’t be happier with the results…

We’re always looking for similar properties!

Page 3PHOTO-2022-11-04-17-16-06 (009)PHOTO-2022-11-04-17-16-06 (006)PHOTO-2022-11-04-17-14-28 (006)PHOTO-2022-11-04-17-12-41 (009)PHOTO-2022-11-04-17-12-41 (008)PHOTO-2022-11-04-17-12-41 (007)fe2d22a7-5c90-46f4-ab38-7b9373331b8f (002)bd1deaa7-1b84-46e1-a908-e63a2cc7873a (002)IMG_4120 (002)IMG_4127 (002)IMG_4125 (002)IMG_4128 (003)IMG_4130 (002)IMG_4131 (002)

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