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Bee a good wildlife host!





According to the WWF, the UK is ‘one of most nature-depleted’ countries in the world. This has seriously affected the bee population, which we rely on to pollinate a third of our food crops. Sadly, we’ve lost 11 species from each square kilometre. 

Thankfully, we can all help by turning our gardens into a haven for bees (and other struggling species, too). Here are three easy ways to get started:

Include bee-friendly plants . Gardeners’ World recommends single-flowering varieties, purple flowers, and tubular plants such as foxglove and honeysuckle.

Create a bee bath . Bees need water for several reasons, so leave out a fresh supply using a shallow bowl with protruding rocks for them to land on.

Invite nature in . Letting your lawn weeds flower by holding back on the mowing and avoiding pesticides will allow bees to get the most out of your garden.

Of course, encouraging bees will help ensure your flowers, fruit, and vegetables will thrive. A healthy garden can also attract buyers looking for a beautiful outdoor space, so it’s worth becoming a bee host even if you intend to sell soon.

Source: Brief Your Market