We’re not like the others…



We're not like the others


A Spring survey completed by Rightmove.com found the following factors were most important when sellers decided to switch their estate agent. Here at Hausman and Holmes, we are confident that you will not experience any of these problems whilst using our company to sell your property and here’s why:

1)       “My agent wasn’t doing enough to promote the property”

Hausman and Holmes promise: We promote your property on ALL of the major property sales websites, but that’s not all; your property will be featured on our website as a ‘property of the week’, alongside our window displays, our big screen AND all of our social medias. We match prospective buyers for your property as soon as it goes live so we can make sure everyone whose search criteria matches your property will receive a brochure, and we don’t stop marketing until we have secured a sale.


2)       “The agent wasn’t responsive enough”

Hausman and Holmes promise: Here at Hausman and Holmes, communication is KEY, and your sales negotiator is there to make your life easier, NOT harder. You will be given viewing feedback within 24 hours of any and all viewings of your property. You are encouraged to reach out to us as often as you’d like to ask us any questions about the progress of your property from initial valuation right through to completion. We will also call you WEEKLY to update you about any progressions and to answer ANY of your questions so that you are confident we are doing all we can to sell your property.


3)       “They were not arranging enough viewings”

Hausman and Holmes promise: We have a database of over 2,500+ registered prospective buyers who are keen to view the properties we list and we make sure they know about your property as soon as it is live! We arrange viewings 7 days a week and always try our best to accommodate, even on short notice. We are confident that a lack of viewings will not be a concern for you.


4)       “The agent wanted to reduce the asking price”

Hausman and Holmes promise: We aim to give you the most accurate valuation of your property from the get-go so that you can achieve the sale price that is not only realistic, but is right for YOU.


5)        “The types of buyers attending the viewings were not suitable”

Hausman and Holmes promise: Here at Hausman and Holmes, we carefully screen each registered purchaser to ensure that we understand their needs and present them with only the properties that match their criteria. Our buyers are serious – we do not want to waste your time or theirs, so we have implemented a system that ensures only those ready to buy are matched to your property. With a database of over 2,500+ vetted registered customers, we never have a problem filling the diary with viewings.


6)       “The quality of the listing was poor i.e. photos, property description etc”

Hausman and Holmes promise: Hausman and Holmes ensure all of our media is second-to-none. We work with a fantastic, professional company to take photographs of your property and produce your floorplan, as well as create a full 360 degree VR tour of your property so that prospective buyers can really get a feel for it before they view. We will always make sure your property is represented the way it DESERVES –  with high quality videos, photographs and wording.


7)       “They were not doing a good job of selling the property during viewings”

Hausman and Holmes promise: We are eager to learn all about the perks and charms of your property and will make sure everyone who views it is aware of them too. Every single property is a gem to us and won’t be treated as anything less. We are also knowledgeable and passionate about the North London area, having been a part of this community ourselves for decades. We will go out of our way to highlight local areas of interest, schools, parks, places of worship and nearby entertainment so that prospective buyers can easily see themselves as a part of it, with your property at the heart.


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